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The KAS Group has

integrated marketing programs. the pulse on the people. the data you seek. brand awareness you want. the case studies to prove it.

Passionately creating unique events & brand awareness to propel your brand.
Enhancing consumer experiences through cultivated event planning & sponsorship opportunities.

The proof is in the numbers, ROI speaks for itself!

What The KAS Group Can Do

Experiential & Cause Marketing

Fractional C-Level Marketing Services

Strategic "C" Suite Business Development

Multicultural / Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Sponsorship & Endorsement

ROI / Data Analysis

New Product Strategy

Music & Sports Marketing


Content Creation

Fractional C-Level Marketing Services

The KAS Group is a value brand architect. We’ve built and created lasting creative solutions providing experiences with large global brands, exceeding their fiscal goals. Our team foundation is rooted in years of experience. Previous experience with music video production for PRINCE has made our team keenly aware of strict timelines, budgets and fiscal ROI. Building brands and executing what today’s CX demand includes creative solutions, astute experiential marketing, responsible corporate citizenship and an understanding of cultural fluency - acknowledging that the end consumer influences their sphere through (digital) brand advocacy. We've built lasting brand value and provided creative experience with large global brands exceeding fiscal expectations.

Brand Partners

People Engaged

Dollars Donated

Partnering with Global & National Brands

The KAS Group Inc. is a consortium of the "Best of the Best". Our goal is to keep your brand fresh & top of mind within today’s crowded marketplace. Through data, gut instinct and strategically set goals, we win. We work with Fortune 1000 companies, highlighting our core beliefs of trust, integrity, truth while leading ♥️ forward. Our team provides excellent service on sight & remote to execute a strategic, value-added program with clear proven results.


Vida M Cornelious
VP, Creative at The New York Times

"Kathleen is not only a smart, results-oriented, creative, thinker; but she is resourceful, highly respected business consultant. She is a consummate team player and also a phenomenal client partner. She possesses the ability to rally a team and move them in the right direction toward a common goal.

She is an innovative, forward-thinker– very well versed in the consumer environment today. I consider her a valued resource as she dedicates herself to staying current and understanding all aspects of marketing today and how those changed drive her client's business. Kathleen also has an entreprenurial spirit that would be of value to any organization. Her willingness to "get in the trenches" is what makes her perfectly suited to be effective not just on the management level, but at all levels of any organization she is a part of.

As an individual, Kathleen is vibrant, expressive, professional...an overall wonderful personality and tremendous asset for any client to have as a part of their marketing team."

Elena Sotomayor
EVP Cardenas Marketing / Henry Agency

"Kathleen is a warrior and won't take no for an answer. She is determined and consistent in her outreach and communication with prospects and current clients. Kathleen has a way to capture information, focus and learn the task at hand, most importantly able to communicate and sell it well!

It was a pleasure to work with her, bets part her positive energy, radian smile and ability to engage people and own the room"

James R. Danz RRP
C- Level Executive / Marketing, Sales & Operations Strategist

"When you require the very best leader in marketing, promotion and sales but combine those skill sets with keen business intelligence and strategy what you have is Kathleen Scovel. An excellent project manager, has impeccable communication and presentation skills. This executive can balance product/service strategy and execution of plan to deliver both well and has a solid understanding of the value of industry experts and how to work with them at the companies benefit. Kathleen is a fierce competitor and an honest executive that exudes integrity, loyalty & professionalism in all projects that she touches or is responsible for leading. An excellent change agent, using a style of management that mentors/coaches staff to inspire best performance."


Diana López Rabadán
Multicultural Marketing & Communications

"Kathleen is an insightful, creative, and passionate marketing executive. I had the pleasure of working with her at CMN on several sports and entertainment projects. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership was always well-received by peers as well as clients. She is highly respected among business professionals and an incredibly resourceful individual—someone you will want to have as a partner. Kathleen really loves the challenge and she will always deliver. She is the consummate professional. I recommend her for any marketing initiative and would welcome the opportunity to work with her in future endeavors."

Bill Pritchard

"I've known Kathleen Scovel for seventeen years. She is the quintessential people person, gifted in networking people from all walks of life. She is focused, passionate about impacting others, and eager to go the extra mile. I have seen her pause for the little things; incorporating the important things, whilst still keeping an eye on the overall big picture.

Marketing comes as first nature to Kathleen. Her ability to convey content and commitment over a wide variety of platforms is what makes Kathleen a great get for any company. I am proud to recommend Kathleen. I only wish she would come work for me!"

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