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The KAS Group Inc.

Meet Kathleen Scovel, The KAS Group’s Leader

Yes, I hail from Minnesota and kindness is my superpower! Don’t let it fool you though. 20 years of big city life in Chicago makes me profoundly fair, yet a sharp negotiator. I’ve learned first hand as the only girl on the block that my tomboy spirit loves to bring the “C” suites to the experiential streets.

Besides my business world experience and emphasis on human connection, I also have a history in music video production. As a female producer in the early 1990’s I had no idea that I was one of the few in the industry. Working with my team at Paisley Park was seamless and made my time there memorable on many levels. If you think you are clever enough to figure out whom I’ve produced for, drop your guesses below!

​I’m an authentic and energetic leader that understands the complexity of data and the consumers’ end game. With diverse marketing background in cultural relevance-multicultural, event activation in music & sports, and the importance of ROE. I have enhanced consistent front line experience with Fortune 1000 brands as a change agent. My work with the #SeeHer and partnering with Shelley Zalis of The Female Quotient is a movement that I’m behind 110%.

I’ve worked with many of the Fortune 1000 organizations including: Nfissan®, General Motors©, ConAgra, Nike®, ANA, AFE, WOMMA, Target®, P&G, NFL, McDonald’s, MLS, ALLY, Viacom, Country Financial, MVPINDEX, and Warner Brothers. With my start as a music video producer for PRINCE, my team and I have been able to provide collaborative-strategic content that is relevant, on target, and within budget for the brands we support.

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Kathleen Scovel
Managing Partner​ | The KAS Group Inc.

Fractional C-Level Marketing Services

The KAS Group is a value brand architect. We’ve built and created lasting creative solutions providing experiences with large global brands, exceeding their fiscal goals. Our team foundation is rooted in years of experience. Previous experience with music video production for PRINCE has made our team keenly aware of strict timelines, budgets and fiscal ROI. Building brands and executing what today’s CX demand includes creative solutions, astute experiential marketing, responsible corporate citizenship and an understanding of cultural fluency - acknowledging that the end consumer influences their sphere through (digital) brand advocacy. We've built lasting brand value and provided creative experience with large global brands exceeding fiscal expectations.

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Kathleen Scovel

Kathleen Scovel


Maddie Mithun

Maddie Mithun

Client Executive

Jedd Davis

Jedd Davis

Event Producer

Dreana Johnson

Dreana Johnson

Event DJ

Maddie Methune

Meet Maddie Mithun

Client Executive | Maddie@thekasgroupinc.com
Maddie Mithun is our Senior Client Service Manager. Over the past 9 years Maddie’s love for live events kicked off very young as she attended, interned, and worked for We Fest Country Music Festival. Maddie was born and raised in Minnesota, and treasures culture and community. After graduating from Texas Christian University, driven by logistics, operations, and production, Maddie began a career in event management. After she moved to Nashville, Music City, continuing to specialize in live music events. She prides herself on organization and building relationships, which lay the groundwork to make a successful event. She has since returned to Minnesota and continues to pursue her passion of creating human connection!

Jedd Davis

Meet Jedd Davis

Event Producer | jeddxm.com
About Jedd: Jedd is more than an Event Producer; he’s a dynamic creator with an unstoppable “Can-Do It” attitude. With a fervent passion for his craft, unwavering proactivity, and a stellar track record, he’s a seasoned sales and marketing professional who’s represented award-winning agencies and Fortune 500 titans.

A Proven Record of Achievement: Throughout his career, Jedd has consistently delivered exceptional results in every phase of marketing projects. From inception to execution, he has been the driving force behind campaigns that have propelled brands to new heights. His keen understanding of marketing intricacies has led to tangible successes, including profitability, client acquisition, creative excellence, and client retention.

Complex Projects, Seamless Execution: Jedd excels in planning and managing intricate projects. He thrives under pressure and has a knack for transforming challenging scenarios into triumphs. His ability to navigate complexity while maintaining a clear focus on achieving project goals sets him apart as a true leader in the industry.
A Trusted Collaborator: Jedd’s professional journey has been enriched by meaningful partnerships. He and Kathleen once worked together in one of the few Hispanic Experiential marketing agencies, where their shared commitment to excellence and a “can-do” spirit forged a lasting bond. Jedd’s tenacity and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty have made him the go-to person for those seeking extraordinary results.

Exceeding Expectations: Jedd’s dedication to his clients knows no bounds. He doesn’t just meet their needs; he anticipates them. Going the extra mile is his standard operating procedure. His clients can attest that he consistently delivers beyond what’s expected, earning their trust and loyalty.

In the world of event production, Jedd is the embodiment of enthusiasm, excellence, and an A+ team lead. His presence elevates every project, and his commitment to achieving outstanding results is why he’s the person to turn to for turning dreams into reality. Clients include: Nascar, Hot Wheels, McCormick, Budweiser, Target, Diageo, Matel and many other Fortune 100 companies.

Dreana Johnson

Meet Dreana Johnson

Event DJ
Dreana Johnson, (International DJ, Inspirationalist, & Author) is a brand of inspiration. Receiving her calling at a young age, Johnson always knew her purpose was to put positive energy into the world when she discovered the power of faith, determination, and commitment of overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals. Johnson knew that those characteristics would take her far in her journey of changing the world, one person at a time.

Born and raised in Chicago, Johnson is motivated to not only use her crafts to survive, but to also use what she has learned to become more than what she has witnessed. The brand of Dreana Johnson aims to inspire and motivate individuals to live life and chase dreams no matter the circumstances.

Dreana uses music, inspiring words, and motivational speaking to help women and the next generation of leaders and creatives curate the hits on their life’s playlist and write the lyrics to a song they’ll want to play and share over and over again.

Dreana has performed in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Las Cabos, Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Miami Florida. She has also worked with Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Police Department, National Associations of Black Accountants, Loretta Hospital & Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois.

Partnering with Global & National Brands

The KAS Group Inc. is a consortium of the "Best of the Best". Our goal is to keep your brand fresh & top of mind within today’s crowded marketplace. Through data, gut instinct and strategically set goals, we win. We work with Fortune 1000 companies, highlighting our core beliefs of trust, integrity, truth while leading ♥️ forward. Our team provides excellent service on sight & remote to execute a strategic, value-added program with clear proven results.


Vida M Cornelious
VP, Creative at The New York Times

"Kathleen is not only a smart, results-oriented, creative, thinker; but she is resourceful, highly respected business consultant. She is a consummate team player and also a phenomenal client partner. She possesses the ability to rally a team and move them in the right direction toward a common goal.

She is an innovative, forward-thinker– very well versed in the consumer environment today. I consider her a valued resource as she dedicates herself to staying current and understanding all aspects of marketing today and how those changed drive her client's business. Kathleen also has an entreprenurial spirit that would be of value to any organization. Her willingness to "get in the trenches" is what makes her perfectly suited to be effective not just on the management level, but at all levels of any organization she is a part of.

As an individual, Kathleen is vibrant, expressive, professional...an overall wonderful personality and tremendous asset for any client to have as a part of their marketing team."

Elena Sotomayor
EVP Cardenas Marketing / Henry Agency

"Kathleen is a warrior and won't take no for an answer. She is determined and consistent in her outreach and communication with prospects and current clients. Kathleen has a way to capture information, focus and learn the task at hand, most importantly able to communicate and sell it well!

It was a pleasure to work with her, bets part her positive energy, radian smile and ability to engage people and own the room"

James R. Danz RRP
C- Level Executive / Marketing, Sales & Operations Strategist

"When you require the very best leader in marketing, promotion and sales but combine those skill sets with keen business intelligence and strategy what you have is Kathleen Scovel. An excellent project manager, has impeccable communication and presentation skills. This executive can balance product/service strategy and execution of plan to deliver both well and has a solid understanding of the value of industry experts and how to work with them at the companies benefit. Kathleen is a fierce competitor and an honest executive that exudes integrity, loyalty & professionalism in all projects that she touches or is responsible for leading. An excellent change agent, using a style of management that mentors/coaches staff to inspire best performance."


Diana López Rabadán
Multicultural Marketing & Communications

"Kathleen is an insightful, creative, and passionate marketing executive. I had the pleasure of working with her at CMN on several sports and entertainment projects. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership was always well-received by peers as well as clients. She is highly respected among business professionals and an incredibly resourceful individual—someone you will want to have as a partner. Kathleen really loves the challenge and she will always deliver. She is the consummate professional. I recommend her for any marketing initiative and would welcome the opportunity to work with her in future endeavors."

Bill Pritchard

"I've known Kathleen Scovel for seventeen years. She is the quintessential people person, gifted in networking people from all walks of life. She is focused, passionate about impacting others, and eager to go the extra mile. I have seen her pause for the little things; incorporating the important things, whilst still keeping an eye on the overall big picture.

Marketing comes as first nature to Kathleen. Her ability to convey content and commitment over a wide variety of platforms is what makes Kathleen a great get for any company. I am proud to recommend Kathleen. I only wish she would come work for me!"

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