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The Case Studies

In this series of case studies, you will discover how The KAS Group has successfully transformed brands and events, from inception to execution. We have carefully chosen a selection of diverse projects that demonstrate our versatility and the positive impact we’ve had on our clients.

Our case studies will delve into various sectors, including but not limited to:


Sponsorship Opportunities:
The importance of finding the right sponsors and nurturing those relationships to create win-win scenarios.

Community Engagement:
Our dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion through community-focused events and projects.

Experiential Marketing:
The art of creating immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Corporate Events:
How we’ve taken corporate events to the next level, showcasing the power of brand awareness and strategic partnerships.

Product Launches:
Our approach to crafting unforgettable product launches that captivate audiences and generate

As we walk you through these case studies, you will witness how The KAS Group passionately fuels the success of our clients by cultivating ideas and bringing them to life. We invite you to explore our journey and discover the exceptional results that we’ve achieved in partnership with our clients.

Stay tuned to gain insights into the strategies, innovations, and meticulous planning that have driven our clients’ brands to new heights. The KAS Group is proud to share its success stories, with the hope that our experiences will inspire and inform your brand’s future endeavors.

Glow HOliday FEstival

GLOW Holiday Festival, LLC Co-Creator

The Great Minnesota Holiday Get Together.” GLOW is a new Holiday Festival in the Greater Twin Cities. In our first two years my team has been able to partner with 21 fortune 1000 brands and given back to over 40 charities.

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Automotive News

Ally Financial – #SeeHer & Automotive News

Launch #SeeHer with ALLY’s© Kathy Ruble; Executive Director of OEM. Highlighting ALLY’s© continued female advocacy, inspiring how women need accurate portrayal in all OEM messaging. 

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Country Financial® “Celebrate what Matters”

Invited by the Regional Vice President of Country Financial key performers were treated to a full VIP day at Chicago Gourmet Fest 2015.

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Polaris Case Study New

POLARIS SLINGSHOT® in alliance with The Longest Day/Alzheimer’s Association® #ENDALZ

Highlight The Longest Day June 20, 2021 with the entire Tampa Bay region and Polaris SLINGSHOT® drivers while Illuminate the region in PURPLE: Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge crossing the bay region.

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Glee Activation

Chevrolet® Sponsorship Activation – Glee Live

Promote and position the brand within Chevy’s® future drivers (13+) and their parents as a cool, hip and young brand; while at the same time create awareness of the new Chevrolet Cruze™ and Camaro™ lines, generate leads to increase the brand’s reach and as a final result, increase Chevy® brand car sales.

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Kind Brand Activation

KIND Snacks® “All about doing the KIND thing.”

Increase awareness and provide direct sampling of new flavors KIND Snacks® launched at the Chicago Gourmet Fest 2016.

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Home Depot GLOW

Home Depot® Slide Partnership +
GLOW Holiday Festival

The goal was to integrate the iconic Home Depot® big orange barn on the state fairgrounds during our GLOW Holiday festival and demonstrate the community leader they are for giving back.

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Chi Gourmet Eihmer Stahl

Eimer Stahl “Grand Cru” Gold Sponsor

The goal was to celebrate Eimer Stahl’s 15 year anniversary at Chicago Gourmet and facilitate the “Grand Cru” sponsorship.

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Chevrolet®-Gold-Cup-MNT-Sponsorship Activation Image

Chevrolet® Gold Cup MNT Sponsorship Activation

Increase Chevrolet’s exposure and database as our staff provides consumers the opportunity to participate in the “Win a Chevy Cruze™” sweepstakes.

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Boston Beer

Boston Beer® Sampling + GLOW Holiday Festival

The goal was to highlighting Boston Beer® samples, the first three Saturdays of December in BLIXEN LOUNGE at GLOW Holiday Festival.

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Drury Hotels New

Drury Hotels Elfie Village + GLOW Holiday Festival

Integrate Drury Hotels within our Elfie Village in a manner that was iconic to our village and provided long lasting impressions as little one’s rang the bell.

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St Paul Hotel

St. Paul Hotel & “It’s A Wonderful Life” Integration + GLOW Holiday Festival

The St. Paul Hotel has been a founding partner of GLOW Holiday Festival. This year we wanted to highlight not only their beautiful hotel, but also the annual holiday entertainment of “It’s A Wonderful Life” in it’s 26th year.

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ST Paul Logo and Glow

Downtown St. Paul Trolley + GLOW Holiday Festival

In Partnership with (3) iconic brands Rice Par, St. Paul Downtown Alliance, and through the gracious financial support of Securian Financial, the GLOW Holiday Trolley became our go-to ride between the St. Paul Hotel/Rice Park stop and our GLOW Parking lots.

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RBC Wealth Management Case Study Image

RBC Wealth Management® & Creation of GLOW Charity + GLOW Holiday Festival

The GLOW CHARITY FLAME was sponsored by RBC Wealth® and ha signage representation at the GLOW FLAME exhibit.

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GEico and Glow

Geico® Holiday Lights Gecko Activation + GLOW Holiday Festival

Integrate (3) GEICO® Geckos at a place of fun where clever social engagement would occur and provide lead generation. Guests had the opportunity to win a $250 Visa card via QR code at each display.

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Glow PNC

CHOIRS at the Gates of GLOW Presented by PNC Bank

PNC BANK aimed to provide a unique holiday experience at the gates of GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL while reinforcing their commitment to community engagement.

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RBC Wealth Management Case Study Image

A Chevrolet® Engagement Success

Select Heartland Chevy® Dealers aimed to highlight the Chevrolet® Equinox and Chevrolet® Silverado 2024 models at the GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL in St. Paul, MN, hosted at CHS Stadium.

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KLN Brands

KLN Family Brands Sweet & Salty Giveaway

Surprise and delight kids of all ages with a KLN sweet and salty snack to enjoy as they head out the doors of GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL. An extra treat as a THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT!

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Partnering with Global & National Brands

The KAS Group Inc. is a consortium of the "Best of the Best". Our goal is to keep your brand fresh & top of mind within today’s crowded marketplace. Through data, gut instinct and strategically set goals, we win. We work with Fortune 1000 companies, highlighting our core beliefs of trust, integrity, truth while leading ♥️ forward. Our team provides excellent service on sight & remote to execute a strategic, value-added program with clear proven results.


Vida M Cornelious
VP, Creative at The New York Times

"Kathleen is not only a smart, results-oriented, creative, thinker; but she is resourceful, highly respected business consultant. She is a consummate team player and also a phenomenal client partner. She possesses the ability to rally a team and move them in the right direction toward a common goal.

She is an innovative, forward-thinker– very well versed in the consumer environment today. I consider her a valued resource as she dedicates herself to staying current and understanding all aspects of marketing today and how those changed drive her client's business. Kathleen also has an entreprenurial spirit that would be of value to any organization. Her willingness to "get in the trenches" is what makes her perfectly suited to be effective not just on the management level, but at all levels of any organization she is a part of.

As an individual, Kathleen is vibrant, expressive, professional...an overall wonderful personality and tremendous asset for any client to have as a part of their marketing team."

Elena Sotomayor
EVP Cardenas Marketing / Henry Agency

"Kathleen is a warrior and won't take no for an answer. She is determined and consistent in her outreach and communication with prospects and current clients. Kathleen has a way to capture information, focus and learn the task at hand, most importantly able to communicate and sell it well!

It was a pleasure to work with her, bets part her positive energy, radian smile and ability to engage people and own the room"

James R. Danz RRP
C- Level Executive / Marketing, Sales & Operations Strategist

"When you require the very best leader in marketing, promotion and sales but combine those skill sets with keen business intelligence and strategy what you have is Kathleen Scovel. An excellent project manager, has impeccable communication and presentation skills. This executive can balance product/service strategy and execution of plan to deliver both well and has a solid understanding of the value of industry experts and how to work with them at the companies benefit. Kathleen is a fierce competitor and an honest executive that exudes integrity, loyalty & professionalism in all projects that she touches or is responsible for leading. An excellent change agent, using a style of management that mentors/coaches staff to inspire best performance."


Diana López Rabadán
Multicultural Marketing & Communications

"Kathleen is an insightful, creative, and passionate marketing executive. I had the pleasure of working with her at CMN on several sports and entertainment projects. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and leadership was always well-received by peers as well as clients. She is highly respected among business professionals and an incredibly resourceful individual—someone you will want to have as a partner. Kathleen really loves the challenge and she will always deliver. She is the consummate professional. I recommend her for any marketing initiative and would welcome the opportunity to work with her in future endeavors."

Bill Pritchard

"I've known Kathleen Scovel for seventeen years. She is the quintessential people person, gifted in networking people from all walks of life. She is focused, passionate about impacting others, and eager to go the extra mile. I have seen her pause for the little things; incorporating the important things, whilst still keeping an eye on the overall big picture.

Marketing comes as first nature to Kathleen. Her ability to convey content and commitment over a wide variety of platforms is what makes Kathleen a great get for any company. I am proud to recommend Kathleen. I only wish she would come work for me!"

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