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A Chevrolet® Engagement Success

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Select Heartland Chevy® Dealers aimed to highlight the Chevrolet® Equinox and Chevrolet® Silverado 2024 models at the GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL in St. Paul, MN, hosted at CHS Stadium. The primary objective was to engage festival attendees and create awareness about the new vehicle models. Additionally, they aimed to entice guests by offering a Chevrolet® vehicle giveaway for those who signed up to learn more from their local dealership.

Program Details:

  • Chevrolet® provided two vehicles to be placed strategically within the GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL footprint:
    • Chevrolet® Equinox placed across from the GLOW angel wings.
    • Chevrolet® Silverado positioned adjacent to the S’Mores and More family area, both high-traffic locations
  • On specific weekends, Chevrolet® provided onsite Brand Ambassadors to greet GLOW guests and address any queries regarding the vehicles.
  • Brand Ambassadors distributed 20,000 Chevrolet®/GLOW pocket handwarmers, enhancing the guest experience with warmth and comfort.
  • Guests interested in participating in the “WIN A CHEVROLET®” giveaway were assisted by Brand Ambassadors in completing electronic forms on iPads. Within 24 hours, the captured information was forwarded to local dealerships based on the guests’ defined zip codes. Dealerships subsequently followed up with the interested GLOW guests.
  • Select Heartland Chevy® Dealers’ logo was prominently featured in all GLOW media outlets and on the festival’s website.


  • 20,000 GLOW guests were pleasantly surprised by the Chevrolet® hand warmers, enhancing their festival experience.
  • Chevrolet® Brand Ambassadors effectively raised awareness about the new vehicle models, engaging with GLOW guests.
  • The inclusion of Select Heartland Chevy® Dealers’ branding in all media outlets generated over 34 million impressions, significantly boosting visibility.
  • GLOW facilitated the creation of a substantial lead funnel, contributing to successful Q1 vehicle sales results.
  • Participation in GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL allowed Select Heartland Chevy® Dealers to demonstrate their commitment to the community. GLOW’s charitable contributions, totaling nearly $100k per year and $400k since its inception in 2020, further emphasized the dealerships’ community involvement.

This multi-year collaboration between Select Heartland Chevy® Dealers and GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL proves to be mutually beneficial, fostering brand awareness, community engagement, and sales success.

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