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a successful Case study

Chevrolet® Gold Cup MNT Sponsorship Activation

Chevy Giveaway

Increase Chevrolet’s exposure and database as our staff provides consumers the opportunity to participate in the “Win a Chevy Cruze™” sweepstakes.

Program Details:

  • Secure permits and coordinate delivery, set up and pick up of a four-car display (Cruze™, Silverado™, Equinox™, and Camaro™)
  • Secure two Airbrush artists for the “tattoo” station for ultimate fan branding
  • Hire the software development company and manage the activation of the Call your play “Game Day”: staging area in which consumers become the sports announcers of a soccer game and they call the goal live on a recorded video. This video is sent to the consumer’s email for them to upload it to their personal social media accounts – very popular!
  • Provide VIP area with catering
  • Set up and manage a welcome desk with 12 EDC units (lead generation computers)
  • Secure area and production logistics for Local DJs
  • Set up a plasma per car display and broadcast the Call you play “Game day” live on additional plasmas that are strategically placed on site
  • Manage VIP experience for winners and VIP’s with a walkthrough of the Stadium, meet and greet’s if available, and Chevrolet® VIP suite


  • Generated 10,853 leads
  • Approximately 14,000 consumers received a Tattoo
  • An estimated 58,500 consumers entered Chevrolet’s® footprint during Futbol Fiesta.