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CHOIRS at the Gates of GLOW Presented by PNC Bank

Chevy hadns

PNC BANK aimed to provide a unique holiday experience at the gates of GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL while reinforcing their commitment to community engagement. By partnering with GLOW, PNC sought to surprise and delight attendees with holiday choir performances and 3D glasses distribution, enhancing the festival experience and raising brand awareness.

Program Details:

  • Holiday Choirs and 3D Glasses: PNC Bank sponsored the GLOW HOLIDAY CHOIRS program at the gates of GLOW, where local community choirs performed festive music. Every Thursday, PNC Bank executives acted as brand ambassadors, distributing over 10,000 3D glasses to attendees. These glasses displayed either reindeer or snowflakes when viewing the millions of lights at GLOW, adding a magical touch to the experience.
  • Brand Ambassador Greetings: GLOW and PNC Bank brand ambassadors greeted guests with holiday cheer and music as they approached CHS Stadium on North Broadway in downtown St. Paul.
  • Celebrity Guest Appearance: A highlight of the event was a guest appearance by local American Idol contestant Chris Lawrence, adding excitement to the festivities.
  • Choir Performances: Eight local choirs and a cappella groups, including St. Louis Park High School, Park Avenue Church, Coon Rapids High School Cappella, 7 Days A Cappella, and Elk River High School, performed at the GLOW gates, spreading holiday cheer as guests entered the festival.
  • Brand Visibility: PNC Bank’s logo was prominently featured in all GLOW media outlets and on the festival’s website, ensuring high visibility and recognition.


  • Enhanced Festival Experience: Over 10,000 GLOW guests were pleasantly surprised by PNC BANK 3D glasses, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their festival experience.
  • Community Engagement: PNC BANK Executives, acting as brand ambassadors, effectively raised awareness about the bank’s commitment to community engagement, fostering positive relationships with GLOW guests.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: The inclusion of PNC Bank branding in all media outlets generated over 34 million impressions, significantly boosting brand visibility and recognition.
  • Digital Reach: GLOW facilitated extra digital push of PNC BANK Choirs performing at GLOW, enhancing impressions and reach online, further solidifying PNC Bank’s association with community events.
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Community: Participation in GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL allowed PNC Bank to demonstrate its commitment to the community, aligning with GLOW’s charitable contributions and emphasizing the bank’s community involvement.

The collaboration between PNC Bank and GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL proved to be mutually beneficial, enhancing the festival experience for attendees while raising brand awareness and demonstrating PNC Bank’s commitment to community engagement. By combining festive entertainment, charitable contributions, and brand visibility, the partnership added an extra layer of cheer to the holiday season, leaving a lasting impression on attendees

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