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GLOW Holiday Festival, LLC Co-Creator

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GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL -60+ semi-trucks filled with holiday decor are back at CHS Stadium. In our fourth year and new partnership with Downtown St. Paul at CHS stadium allows GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL amazing growth ahead. The KAS Group has been able to partner and co-create event activations with 21 fortune 1000 brands and given back to over 40 charities. GLOW’s uniqueness to brand activation allows each footprint to be molded into the needs of the brand equity each are seeking. Both in ROI and ROE; Return on Investment and Return on Emotional touch points.

Program Details:
Our mission is to entertain while celebrating light, love, and the goodness of humankind. Each ticket purchased to GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL $1 dollar is donated back into the community. Over $300K has been distributed during a true time of need.

Participating Sponsors:


  • 900K+ in unique social media impressions
  • 35,244 cups of hot cocoa consumed
  • 11,4021 Holiday light bulb necklace where purchase at GLOW
  • GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL averages 31 evenings per season
  • 110K+ on average enjoyed the experience of GLOW HOLIDAY FESTIVAL each year in 2021,2022 & 2023
  • Women were 84% purchasers of tickets
  • 38 Million total media impressions
  • 122,016 Santa waves

Statistics across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

  • Over 1.4 million impressions
  • Over 67,000 engagements
  • Over 11,000 link clicks

Facebook Demographics:

  • Audience: 90% women, 9% men, 1% unspecified
  • Women ages 35-44 most active users
  • Audience top cities: Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Blaine, Lakeville

Instagram Demographics:

  • 86% women, 11% men, 3% unspecified
  • Women ages 25-34 most active users
  • Audience top cities: Nashville, Minneapolis, Saint Paul
  • Followers gained: Over 2.5k

TikTok Statistics:

  • 321,803 video views in 2022
  • Audience 83% women, 16% men

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GLOW has partnered with 21 fortune 1000 brands.



GLOW has given back to over 40 charities.



In unique social media impressions.

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